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From Head to Home_ 5 tips for planning a redecoration project, with IKEA - cate st
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This is a breakdown of some of the services provided. Every project requires a consultation and within that we will go over the specifics of what you need and how I can fit in to assist!


Just want to connect, feel free to fill out this questionnaire to start the process, and I will be in touch with you ASAP. 


This is our chance to meet, get to know each other, and explore your space. This can be done virtually or in person. This is typically 1hr for most spaces, but can be adjust if needed. 


This is a tailor made for you process of laying out every square footage of your space if you are still in the building phase! This is pre furniture and more focused on building enhancements and conceptualizing. 


This is either after all of your design work is complete, or if you just want to spruce up a space that is already complete. You can have staging done without having gone through the entire design process, but requires a consult first. 


Once we know what your needs are, I will put together a design package to meet your needs and send a proposal to you to look over.


This is exactly what it sounds like! This can be virtual or in person. You can either receive a list of links and titles to shop on your own, or we can go out together and shop in person!


This is an offering for anyone who wants to add custom abstract art in their space. I love painting and creating custom art and love to offer that to m clients. 

Thank you so much for transforming our home. I never knew it could look this good and we are so excited to finally utilize all of the space we have

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